One Geothermal license has been awarded and runs from 28.03.2018 with a 6 year term

Farm-out of 40% (approved, completion expected shortly)

Recent Presentation (Der Geothermiekongress 2018 Essen Germany)

Nail Resources Denmark BV obtained a geothermal licence on the islands of Lolland and Falster in Denmark in March 2018. Plans for shallow geothermal projects are being developed through an attempt to revolutionise cost and application of Shallow Geothermal energy (between 800 – 1400 m). This will be achieved by identifying these near-shallow geothermal resources, simplifying drilling & completion techniques and developing fit-for-purpose, low cost surface equipment to exploit the low-grade heat. As such, geothermal energy will form an environmentally attractive alternative for existing district heating via biomass plants.


  • One “Erlaubnis” license application has been submitted and is progressed
  • One “Bewilligung” license application has been submitted and is progressed